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Tyra Banks –In Action At Stanford Business School

Tyra Banks is turning Professor by May. Being a business student herself, she has decided to take instructional classes for 25 MBA students. The course is based on how to build and maintain a personal brand. They will be taught the various aspects for business and its strategies. She will also be training them on how to handle the pressures for being a successful business magnet. The expansion of business markets using social media and the advantages derived from social platforms are also to be discussed.

Allison Kluger, who is a producer for many shows, will be her co instructor.
Students will be encouraged to share their personal brands and marketing strategies on Face book, YouTube as well as the local television channels. This will give them a practical insight into the business world during their college days.

Tyra Banks has always been open to building platforms and giving chances to youngsters to rise in the business world. She was passionate about getting into business herself and pursued her education in that field. Banks says that she wanted to learn about business and get an education in that field before entering directly.

Banks is the present CEO of the reputed firm Tyra Beauty. She is also active in TV shows and is a mentor to many entrepreneurs. You can also see her as an Investor in a career site. Banks has also helped many startups as she firmly believes everyone has the right to be their own bosses. Now she has decided to take her Teaching profession very seriously. She is determined not to let students take her classes lightly. They will be seeing her in the role of a tough professor who is dedicated to teaching and creating stars in the business world.

So let’s wish her all the best in her new venture.

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Lenovo Focuses On Technology Growth To Boost Its Mobile Market

blog_cyberincidentsLenovo Group is facing an uphill task to balance the loss due to fall personal computer shipments with technology innovations for mobile phones to boost mobile sales.

All around the world there has been a sharp decline in the personal computer market, with demand going down drastically. In a bid to offset declining personal computer sales, Lenovo acquired Motorola smart-phone business at $2.8 billion in 2014. However the Motorola Smartphones have failed to make a mark in the highly competitive mobile market space.

To boost sales, Lenovo is strapping its phones with technology to entice customers. Yuanqing Yang, the Chairman and CEO of the company announced in San Francisco that they are expanding their core business of PC manufacturing and have been making acquisitions to reflect this change. Motorola acquisition is a significant step in that direction. It has however failed to make a positive impact.

The new Lenovo phones will have Google’s sensory technology, Tango built in. The new Lenovo Phab 2 Pro will be the first Smartphones to include Tango that enables augmented reality gaming and utilities.

What this means to the gaming world is that you can see virtual objects juxtaposed with the real world and play out your fantasies. For gaming enthusiasts, you can create a chain of dominos in your room and bust them all down. They are virtual, so no cleaning involved! Tango can map your environment around, so as to help you navigate all around. These features sound pretty exciting!

With Lenovo focusing on integration with latest technologies, Lenovo hopes to boost their mobile phone sales. But it needs to be seen if it can offset the company’s financial losses which amount to nearly $128 million a year.

The Phab 2 Pro phones are the first to include AR technology without the use of headsets, or other external attachments to computers. These new phones would be priced at about $499.

Lennovo will also be adding Moto Z and Moto Z Force and intends to increase the capabilities of cellphones by letting you add speakers, battery power, projectors etc by strapping on a high powered magnet to the back of your phone.

It remains to be seen if these features increase demand and boost the sales of the Lennovo phones and compensate for the dip in PC sales.

Invention Of Second Skin- A Relief To Many


New hope is arising as technology has once again proved that miracles exist. The experts at MIT and Olivo Labs have developed a new scientific miracle. They have created a new polymer that can act as a second skin. This material will be able to retain the youthful appearance of skin. It has been experimented and found that eye bags can be reduced significantly. The second skin also keeps original skin hydrated.

· Can be applied as an invisible layer
· It can act like a barrier against skin pollution
· Helps in cosmetic enhancement by tightening and protecting skin      as well as preventing wrinkles
· Will be useful in administering drugs locally

How it all started

Around 10 years ago, David Anderson, an associate professor at MITS and his team set to find a solution for skin problems. As skin ages, it loses its protective abilities and becomes more vulnerable to heat and light. The elasticity reduces and it also loses its hydrating properties slowly. Though this is a natural phenomenon, people all over the world would like to remain young and good looking. Moreover the number and variety of skin diseases is increasing.

So to solve all these issues, the research team decided to put their brains together and come up with a magic solution.

They put together around 100 polymers which contained siloxane and then arranged each into a polymer layer that was cross linked. Experiments were conducted on each combination to get the proper mechanical strength and optical properties. They needed the second skin to be invisible and still retain the strength required. After the proper combination was found out, they started experimenting on human cases. It was found to be very effective when tried on eye bags and forearms. The effect lasted up to 24 hours.

Let’s hope this development makes a huge impact in the cosmetic and medical world.

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