Spain Welcomes Its First Black Member Of Parliament

cipiyjqwgaatkhzIt wouldn’t be wrong to quote that Spain has arrived, considering that it has created history. So far, like a Spanish school girl once mentioned, their parliament was known to have the white stereotypical male members represent them.

There are several thousands of African, Arab- Middle East immigrants of various races without any representation in parliament. But, one woman, Rita Bosoho changed it all. She is Spanish but the color of her skin is the same as that of an African immigrant. And she now stands as a Member of the Parliament.

To clear out some confusion here are some facts. Rita Bosoho was born in Equatorial Guinea when it was a Spanish colony. She was adopted by a foster family from Spain after losing her parents when she was a child. The family was always on the move thanks to her father who belonged to the armed forces. All through her various schools, and even at home, she was the only black child. Universities had students from various ethnicities and cultures.

She explained that as a child she was exposed to storybooks where there white explorers and black cannibals. She feared her color and her place of origin. But she had fine parents who brought her up with values such as justice and equality. It helped her embrace her color and develop into a beautiful individual. She took up nursing as a profession, became a hospital nurse, volunteered with the underprivileged and minorities of Spain.

About a couple of years back, Rita found herself responding to the ruling party of Spain who were looking for accomplished people from diverse backgrounds/ race/ ethnicities. She later won her seat in parliament making her the first woman to represent ethnic races and minorities.

Today she represents the Latin American, Arab and African ethnic races. As expressed through her own words, she is proud and humbled at the same time and hopes to empower minorities!

The Others Who Were There In The Race

17-citate-motivationale-de-la-autorul-robert-kiyosaki-560x390Bumper stickers, Key chains, window scrapers, buttons, ballpoint pens and so many other mementos can be seen floating around during election campaigns. Many kids have been seen collecting all these regardless of whether they even know who the candidate is or not. As kids, we too loved gathering these and keeping them as valuable collections. There hasn’t been much of a difference even with the new generation. Election campaigns are about all this put together.

Most of the candidates remain unnoticed as major competitors start serious rallying .however although they seem insignificant, especially towards the end, the courage they have to stay at the arena right till the end, even after knowing that they are not going to win, is to be appreciated. People should respect them for that. It is not easy to stay brave and cheerful when you know that there is not going to be an outcome favorable to you.

The effort shown by these unnoticed heroes should set examples for those who never try anything. These candidates are fully aware that they have no chances to win. However this does not stop them from trying to win. Life is a similar race. All of us must have lost golden opportunities just because we didn’t have the courage to stand up and simply try.

There are people who even make fun of lesser known or unknown candidates. They keep asking why such candidates bother to spend all the time and money as they will not get a positive result. Do not fall into this category. Your motto should be to keep trying as one day you will certainly succeed.

Being part of the game is as important as winning. This is certainly the lesson such candidates teach us. Never give up just because you do not see light at the end of the tunnel. You never know, it may be a curve with light just within a hand’s reach.

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