Invention Of Second Skin- A Relief To Many


New hope is arising as technology has once again proved that miracles exist. The experts at MIT and Olivo Labs have developed a new scientific miracle. They have created a new polymer that can act as a second skin. This material will be able to retain the youthful appearance of skin. It has been experimented and found that eye bags can be reduced significantly. The second skin also keeps original skin hydrated.

· Can be applied as an invisible layer
· It can act like a barrier against skin pollution
· Helps in cosmetic enhancement by tightening and protecting skin      as well as preventing wrinkles
· Will be useful in administering drugs locally

How it all started

Around 10 years ago, David Anderson, an associate professor at MITS and his team set to find a solution for skin problems. As skin ages, it loses its protective abilities and becomes more vulnerable to heat and light. The elasticity reduces and it also loses its hydrating properties slowly. Though this is a natural phenomenon, people all over the world would like to remain young and good looking. Moreover the number and variety of skin diseases is increasing.

So to solve all these issues, the research team decided to put their brains together and come up with a magic solution.

They put together around 100 polymers which contained siloxane and then arranged each into a polymer layer that was cross linked. Experiments were conducted on each combination to get the proper mechanical strength and optical properties. They needed the second skin to be invisible and still retain the strength required. After the proper combination was found out, they started experimenting on human cases. It was found to be very effective when tried on eye bags and forearms. The effect lasted up to 24 hours.

Let’s hope this development makes a huge impact in the cosmetic and medical world.

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