Facebook’s Workplace – A Product Launched For Companies

gr-workplace-by-facebook-waddsIt is an exciting time for companies today. A new product by Facebook is slowly making its mark in corporate environments. Workplace is a new networking platform launched by Facebook specific to companies and organizations. It provides a virtual environment for employees to interact with additional security features.

Workforce unlike Facebook is an ad-free, collaborative space that is restricted to the company environment and within a company’s firewall. The aim and features of Workforce is allow ideas to flourish via tools and technologies that provide for freedom of expression, collaboration, feedback, quick decision making and cutting down on hierarchy.

Workforce is a well-tested product. An internal version of it was up and running in Facebook’s very own office for years. In the last one year they have tested Workforce in other companies. Subscription was by invites-only.

The features enable employees to connect to a common platform and work together, share files, hold virtual meetings etc at ease. It does not matter whether the employee is in the office or is on the go, strapped to a mobile phone. The features allow for easy exchange and communication. The kind of companies that have adopted Workforce range from shipping companies who talk to their on-board crew members using Workforce’s Live Video feature to banks that use Workforce for all communication including instead of fax machines.

Today there are more 1,000 organizations worldwide, who have signed up for Workforce with over 100,000 groups created. The top countries using Workforce include USA, India, Norway, UK, France.

Companies using Workforce include Starbucks, Danone, RBS, Yes Bank and Godrej in India, Government Technology Agency of Singapore, to name a few. There is a small charge of $3 per employee per month for companies but is given out free of cost to non-profits like Oxfam.

There are developments to Workforce unfolding each day. A feature soon to roll out is a cross-company platform – a shared space for two collaborating companies. The possibilities appear endless!

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Tyra Banks –In Action At Stanford Business School

Tyra Banks is turning Professor by May. Being a business student herself, she has decided to take instructional classes for 25 MBA students. The course is based on how to build and maintain a personal brand. They will be taught the various aspects for business and its strategies. She will also be training them on how to handle the pressures for being a successful business magnet. The expansion of business markets using social media and the advantages derived from social platforms are also to be discussed.

Allison Kluger, who is a producer for many shows, will be her co instructor.
Students will be encouraged to share their personal brands and marketing strategies on Face book, YouTube as well as the local television channels. This will give them a practical insight into the business world during their college days.

Tyra Banks has always been open to building platforms and giving chances to youngsters to rise in the business world. She was passionate about getting into business herself and pursued her education in that field. Banks says that she wanted to learn about business and get an education in that field before entering directly.

Banks is the present CEO of the reputed firm Tyra Beauty. She is also active in TV shows and is a mentor to many entrepreneurs. You can also see her as an Investor in a career site. Banks has also helped many startups as she firmly believes everyone has the right to be their own bosses. Now she has decided to take her Teaching profession very seriously. She is determined not to let students take her classes lightly. They will be seeing her in the role of a tough professor who is dedicated to teaching and creating stars in the business world.

So let’s wish her all the best in her new venture.

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