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Lawn Irrigation Systems

Lawn Irrigation Systems

Due to competing needs for existing water resources, the amount of water available for irrigation is dwindling. Like it or not, we’re going to have to learn to irrigate more efficiently. This is why it is so important to schedule irrigation according to plant needs, not simply according to a clock. The latter is the case with all automatically scheduled irrigation that does not take the weather (sun, wind, temperature), evaporation and transpiration (ET) into consideration.green lawns

If you don’t know how well your irrigation system is operating, or how much water is being delivered by each sprinkler in a zone, you should perform an assessment and an audit to obtain this valuable information. You can then use this information to make changes to the irrigation system that will increase efficiency.

Assessing Your System
Before you can improve your system, you must determine its inefficiencies and then commit to making the changes needed to bring it up to par. Changes might involve respacing sprinklers, reducing pressure, changing nozzles, resizing pipes, repairing or modifying a pumping system, upgrading a controller, adding or recalibrating a weather station, adding flow and metering devices, or other changes that may be needed. Many irrigation systems operate at around 65- to 70-percent water-use efficiency. If you can increase the efficiency by as little as 10 percent, the resulting water savings will be substantial. Water savings at sites we have worked on ranged from 25 percent up to a 72-percent savings for a 24-acre site. The latter has resulted in a substantial saving on their water bill — to date, enough to pay for the audit five times over.

Additional savings can be realized in the form of less electricity for pumping, lower fertilizer needs, fewer system component repairs from reduced operating time and slower plant growth, resulting in less frequent maintenance services.

At one site, we introduced a flow sensor so we could track real flow numbers. This goes a long way in demonstrating the savings that you actually achieve. Another useful device is a dedicated, irrigation water meter. I find that when the actual amount of water used at a specific site (sports field, golf course, commercial site or even a large residential site) is known, the owners or managers are much more ready to adopt conservation practices to reduce the daily, weekly or monthly irrigation volume.lawn irrigation

Some metering devices are capable of shutting down the main water supply in case a pipeline ruptures, which is another way to save water.

Auditing Your System
One of the main goals of a water audit is to achieve as balanced a system as possible based on economies of scale and return on investment. You would not spend $1,000 to get a $1.00 a year savings. However, you probably would spend $1,000 if that would net you a $500 reduction that year and every year after as long as you operated the irrigation system.

A balanced system applies water as evenly as possible throughout the irrigated zone. An unbalanced system may apply too much in one location, resulting in wet areas, while not applying enough in another location of the same zone, creating dry areas. The result is that you always overwater because you must run the system long enough to meet the requirements of the driest areas.

When considering an audit, it helps initially to actually watch the site’s system in operation. Doing so, you should be able to tell if overwatering is occurring and if you will be able to reduce the usage by a lot or just a little. You don’t want to spend your time — and your client doesn’t want to spend the money — where no substantial reductions will be achievable.

Obtain as much background information as you can. Weather data, historical water use, system layout, components, water source, water meters, controllers, etc. Prearrange with the client permission to operate each zone of the system for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Great Orthodontists make beautiful smiles

Great Orthodontists make beautiful smiles.

Family Dental Care: Helping everyone.

My dearest friend Nisa always prided herself of her smile, beauty, and skill. “I’m not conceited” she use to say, ”simply fabulous.” Where most people lacked confidence, she flourished in it. I rather enjoyed it, because while she would tease about her beauty and flaunt her confidence… she was still deep down humble and had worked extraordinarily hard at increasing her skill as an aerial artist. She was one of the most amazing dancer’s I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When she got up on the silk fabrics that were strung to the ceiling, it was truly breath taking.Orthodontists

We were at a local club where we often performed during the musicians set. Usually this was before a DJ who was just dancing in his place behind a computer and well…usually not that entertaining. Of all DJ’s I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, Kaminanda was the most fun to watch. He knew his music and watching him dance to his music was like watching him control an invisible orchestra that lived in the computer while at the same time spell casting magic and love into the crowd. Another DJ was playing and Nisa was preparing to go up on a silk that is dangled into the middle of the crowd in front of the stage. With the help of the other performers, we had created a safety perimeter around the silk to ensure no drunk onlooker messed with the silk. People do not realized how dangerous silks are. Well.. the crowd that night sadly had opportunity to witness just how dangerous silk dancing really is.orthodontists

Nisa was flowing as usual. Beautiful and entrancing to watch! She was doing a trick she had performed many time which requires one to wrap the silk skillfully around their legs until they are very high in the ribbon and then they drop themselves, the fabric unwinding them and catching the fretfully close to the ground. It was usually performed as the finally. Nisa was all wrapped up and was sitting at the top of the ribbon. She looked around the crowd and gave one last smile. She dropped. Everyone held their breath. The rope snapped taught, but she had miscalculated how far the drop was. CRACK. The sound of her face hitting the cement still haunts my dreams. Her legs were still wound in the ribbon and thankfully all her body weight did not come in behind her however she still slammed her face extremely hard into the cement. She had been knocked unconscious, left dangling in the ribbon, and me and the other performers ran to her aid.

She was okay…except the fact that she was going to desperately need to the skilled hand of an orthodontist. She had fallen at a strange angle on her mouth and had literally shifted her teeth around and chipped a few of them. Not only was she going to need a replacement tooth or two for aesthetic purposes, it appeared to me she was going to need braces as well.

Being her closest friend, I attended her to the Denver orthodontics office.The staff was exceedingly kind and patient. Nisa was rather short with them at times, and they never lost their patience. Oh the death glare she gave the orthodontist when he said she would need braces. Thankfully though, he quelled her worries by offering her invisalign braces! These were braces that were made form a clear material that way no one be able to tell she was wearing them! She was so relieved to know that her days as a performer were not over and she would be able to fix her teeth with out the embarrassment of metal braces! See our website

Website Traffic, who needs stinking Traffic

Website Traffic, who needs stinking Traffic

If you are not ready to seek for ways of attracting visitors to your blog or site, it may simply mean that you aren’t ready to do any online business. This even become more imperative when you are operating a profit-oriented blog or site, you can’t do without traffic. Getting traffic is essential but getting targeted traffic is more vital and that is one reason you shouldn’t toy with the link building SEO tips discussed in this brief article.SEO Contact us for any questions about sea-search engine optimization

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